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Programming interview Questions and answers

Programming interview Questions and answers

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Posted: 17 Aug 2009 09:48 AM PDT

C# Tutorial

Posted: 16 Aug 2009 07:48 PM PDT

Visual Basic Com OLE articles

Posted: 16 Aug 2009 07:47 PM PDT


Visual Basic Language

Exploring Toolbox

More on Toolbox

Visual Basic And Databases

Visual Basic Interface Design

Introduction to Databases

Database Connection with the DAO Data Control

Database Connection with ADO Technology


COM – Component Object Modelobject is one of those words that essentially means whatever you want it to mean. There's object-oriented programming and objects as data structures within a program. But when we talk about objects in the context of OLE 2 or ActiveX, we are referring to a very specific type of object, sometimes called a componentobject or a windowobject. These objects follow a standard called componentobjectmodel (COM)More….

OLE- Object Linking And Embedding you don't need to understand all of OLE 2.0 to use it. This is because much of the complexity is hidden by Visual Basic (and by the Microsoft Foundation Classes, for those of you using Visual C++).More….

DDE – Dynamic Data Exchange The first step on the road to ActiveX was Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). This capability is still supported by some applications and by Visual Basic, but only for backward compatibility with older applications. More….

winforms – windows forms Articles

Posted: 16 Aug 2009 07:46 PM PDT

Introduction to Winforms WinForms is a programming model used to create Windows Applications. .NET framework offers base classes for building Windows applications. Most of the functionality for these classes is in the System.Windows.Forms namespace. The Visual Studio is used to design these applications visually, and to automatically generate the code.More…..

Serialization Before we begin with main program let us now see how to attach a menu to a blank form. Carry out the following steps:More…..

A Simple Winform – Windows Form Lets look at a better program now, which takes in some information about an employee and displays out the same. We plan to add the following Controls in our program.More…..

Image Explorer Application using WinformIn this program we have used 4 controls viz: a TreeView Control, a ListView Control, a Panel, and a PictureBox. The TreeView Control is used to explore directories and files. The ListView control is used to display the list of all the '.bmp', '.jpg', and '.gif' files. The PictureBox is used to display the file selected in the ListView. The Panel is used to make the PictureBox scrollable.More…..

Building Custom Control For WinformBesides the standard controls we may wish to create our own controls. For e.g. the existing controls might not fulfill our application's needs. So these are nothing but user-defined controls..More…..

.Net C# VB ASP ADO COM articles

Posted: 16 Aug 2009 07:44 PM PDT

The .NET Framework

Form Authentication

Data Types In C#

ASP .NET Services

Inheritance And Polymorphism

Creating And Consuming Web Services

A Tryst With Printer

Properties And Indexers

Common Dialog Boxes for Printing

Creating Collection Classes

Custom Controls

Understanding Delegates

Adding Events to Custom Controls

Event Driven Programming With WinForm

COM Interoperability

GDI+ – An Extension To GDI

Reading Metadata Using Reflection

Miscellaneous .NET Features.

Working With Attributes

Visual Inheritance

Creating Multithreaded Applications

Getting Management Information using WMI

Synchronizing Threads

Viewing Processes Using WMI

File I/O and Serialization

Tapping the Processes Using WMI

File Transfer Using Network I/ORemoting

Implementing UDP


Building Server and Client

Creating Owner Drawn Menus

Adding Resources To Assembly

Creating UI for an XML Document

XMLDeploying .NET Applications – I XML And ADO.NET

Using MS Agents

Deploying .NET Applications – II

Solutions, Projects, Items, Etc.

Deploying .NET Applications – III

Binding Data With WinForm Controls

Security Under .NET Application Domains

Creating Web Applications Grooming the DataGrid Control – I

Code access Security Grooming the DataGrid Control – II

ASP.NET security

Transformation in GDI+ – I

The Regular Expressions

Transformation in GDI+ – II

Role Based Security Model

Handling Keyboard & Mouse Messages

Printing Through .NET

The Timezone Application – I

15 ebooks for free download

Posted: 16 Aug 2009 07:41 PM PDT

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